This treasure bestowed with the name The Violet Protector has a pendant that is wrapped in 40 strands of copper wire. The chain is made up of amethyst and copper beads with chunky belcher chain links.

The chain is 75 cm long and includes elements of bronze & copper.
Name: The Violet Protector
Code: gob4362
Price: £60
Scientific Properties Of Amethyst:
Amethyst is a well known mineral and gemstone. It is the purple variety of the mineral quartz, and its most valuable and prized variety. Its name derives from the Greek amethystos, which means not drunken, as amethyst in antiquity was thought to ward off drunkenness. The color of some amethyst specimens from certain localities slowly fade upon prolonged exposure to light. When used as a gemstone, amethyst is often heat treated to deepen the color, or to transform it into citrine.
Metaphysical Properties Of Amethyst:
The most common use of AMETHYST is by increasing intuition and psychic abilities. It also enhances our connection with the Higher Self, Spirit-Guides and the Angelic Realm. AMETHYST offers psychic, mental and emotional protection and balances the nervous system.
Magical Properties Of Amethyst:
Exchanging gifts of heart-shaped amethysts between lovers will harmonise the vibrations between the two people, thus attracting a happy life and good fortune.
Amethyst is good for:
  • Psychic Protection:
    Wear close to the heart to protect from negative psychic energy.