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Aventurine - Red
Welcome to Gobannos!

Gobannos was a Celtic smith and warrior God from the Tuatha De Danann tribe (Fairy Folk) of Ireland. I like to think he is my guide and inspiration along with the wild Northumberland landscape of my home here in Cambo.

I currently have 4 different designs of pendants, necklaces & bracelets - Gobannos, Bridghe, Fafnir & Bones Of The Sidhe. Each trinket is unique and handcrafted by myself held together with the inherent properties of the metal, the mineral and my muscle. I produce these jewels in copper, bronze, silver, gold and plated versions.

You can view the available pendants by selecting from the crystal list that appears when you hold your mouse over the word pendant on the menu. Each pendant comes on a 2mm brown cotton cord (unless it is attached to a chain) which is adjustable but if you would like a different colour please email me. The images of the pendants show both sides and quite often it is wearable on either side even when I have left it in it's natural state.

Please checkout the Gallery to see my previous creations and if there is specific crystal pendant you would like let me know as I'm very happy to take on commissions.

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Many thanks