Crystal: Aura Black Kyanite ┃Name: Raven's Wing ┃Price: £80 ┃

The blue sheen on this pendant will ensure you are the centre of attention. The chain is approx 76cm long with a 46cm drop to the bottom of the pendant.

Crystal: Dragon Blood Jasper ┃Name: The Guardian ┃Price: £80 ┃

This necklace is approx 73cm long with a handcrafted chain made up of various crystal beads.

Crystal: Galaxite ┃Name: Sirius Calling ┃Price: £80 ┃

This interstellar necklace is approx 76cm long and is made up of various beads (all made from star dust :-)).

Crystal: Gold Sheen Obsidian ┃Name: The Eye Of Ra ┃Price: £80 ┃

This necklace has a chain approx 76cm long. The chain is made up of handcrafted links containing obsidian beads.

Crystal: Labradorite ┃Name: Spear Of Light ┃Price: £80 ┃

This necklace is approx 66cm long and I made up of various links and colours to reflect the multi-coloured pendant.

Crystal: Moss Agate ┃Name: Forest Illusion ┃Price: £80 ┃

This necklace is approx 68cm long and is made up of moss agate and other earth coloured crystals.

Crystal: Shaman Stone ┃Name: The Seer ┃Price: £80 ┃

This necklace is apron 74cm long and is made from handcrafted links with various crystals and beads.