Gobannos was a Celtic smith and warrior God from the Tuatha De Danann tribe (Fairy Folk) of Ireland. He is known as the God of smithing and it is believed that Brigantia (the Goddess of mountians and fire) shared the secret of smithing to Gobannos to share with mankind. I like to think he is my guide and inspiration along with the wild and rugged landscape of my home here in Northumberland.

Gobannos jewellery is more than just baubles and trinkets to adorn oneself with - they are talismans and amulets for the modern day spiritual warrior, priestess and magician - each piece unique - holding a truly magical charm of a time gone by but much coveted by those who remember the old ways and the old days of true magic!

Each pendant is attached to a bejewelled Boho chain made of a single loop (no clasp). There are at least 20 unique links in the chain which is colour and crystal co-ordinated to the main pendant.

Sorry, we are out of stock of Gobannos treasures at the moment but Andrew is working hard crafting more.